About Us

We at Invade Models take pride in bringing the best and authentic artists to clients around the world, we facilitate their careers in the entertainment and model industry and we present them as their best selves as they can be as a blank canvas so that future clients can work with them.

Invade Models was founded in 2018 by a set of enthusiasts who were passionate about the industry. It was later on formally registered by Shadrack Nkosi who is a fashion designer and an invested personality in the industry.

Their undying love for the industry pushed them to host fashion shows in the capital cities of South Africa. Through these shows, they were exposed to the raw and uncut talent of different models across the country which led to the birth and establishment of Invade Models.

Although the company is brand new, the team has come through with over 6 years of experience and over 50 affiliates in different continents of the world.